My Best Friend Is Treating Me Like Crap After She Started Dating

My Best Friend Is Treating Me Like Crap After She Started Dating


Have you ever felt like your best good friend all of a sudden was a very different person? That’s what occurred to me when my finest good friend began dating. It’s a state of affairs that many of us can relate to, and it might be extremely hurtful and complicated. In this text, I will share my personal expertise and provide some recommendation on the means to take care of this challenging scenario.

The Change in Dynamics

When your finest pal enters into a new romantic relationship, it is pure for issues to alter. After all, they’ve found someone they are deeply invested in and want to spend a major amount of time with. However, this modification would not all the time result in a positive consequence for the friendship.

Feeling Pushed Aside

One of the commonest experiences on this situation is feeling pushed apart. Suddenly, your best friend is spending all their time with their new partner, leaving little to no room for you in their life. It can feel as though you’ve been changed, and it’s powerful to not take it personally.

Neglected and Unimportant

As the dynamic shifts, you may find yourself feeling neglected and unimportant. Conversations turn out to be centered around the new relationship, and your individual experiences or problems are disregarded or ignored. It’s disheartening to understand that the individual you relied on for assist and understanding not has time for you.

Understanding Your Friend’s Perspective

To make sense of the scenario, it is necessary to try and understand your friend’s perspective. Remember, courting somebody new may be an extremely thrilling experience, and it is attainable they’re caught up within the preliminary rush of emotions.

New Relationship Energy

New Relationship Energy (NRE) is a time period typically used to describe the extreme feelings that arise at the beginning of a romantic relationship. During this section, people can turn out to be so consumed by their new companion that every little thing else takes a backseat.

The Honeymoon Phase

Similar to NRE, the honeymoon phase is the early stage of a relationship where every thing is great and thrilling. Your good friend might be so enamored with their companion and the novelty of the relationship that they haven’t but realized the influence it’s having on different areas of their life.

Communicating Your Feelings

Once you have gained some perception into your pal’s perspective, it’s time to tackle your own feelings with them. Communication is essential in any relationship, and expressing how you are feeling may help restore the friendship.

Choose the Right Time and Place

Find an acceptable time and place to have an open and honest dialog along with your friend. Avoid approaching them when they’re in the midst of a romantic encounter or feeling notably defensive. Choose a peaceful and relaxed setting the place you presumably can both be attentive and receptive.

Use "I" Statements

When discussing your feelings with your good friend, it’s essential to make use of "I" statements somewhat than coming throughout as accusatory. For example, instead of claiming, "You by no means spend time with me anymore," attempt saying, "I really feel like we have not been spending as much time together, and it is making me unhappy."

Be Open to Their Perspective

While it’s essential to precise your emotions, it is equally essential to be open to your pal’s perspective. They may not have realized the impression their actions have been having on you, or they could have their own concerns and challenges in the relationship. Listen with an open thoughts and be keen to discover a answer that works for both of you.

Setting Boundaries and Finding New Interests

If your conversation would not immediately resolve the state of affairs, it might be essential to set some boundaries and find new pursuits outside of the friendship. It’s important to deal with your personal well-being and never allow the negativity to consume you.

Focus on Self-Care

Take this opportunity to concentrate on self-care and prioritize your personal wants. Engage in actions that bring you joy and surround your self with supportive people who lift you up. Investing in your personal well-being might help build resilience and supply a much-needed outlet during this challenging time.

Seek New Interests and Friendships

Expanding your horizons and in search of new interests can be a nice way to distract your self and meet new people. Join a club or take up a interest that you’ve all the time been excited about. Not solely will this fill your time, however it could also result in new friendships and alternatives for private development.

Acceptance and Moving Forward

In some cases, regardless of your greatest efforts, the friendship may never fully return to the method it was. Accepting this actuality can be troublesome however necessary in your personal emotional well-being.

Friendship Evolves

Friendships, like some other relationship, evolve over time. People change, circumstances change, and this will have an impact on the nature of your friendship. Recognize that this alteration just isn’t necessarily a mirrored image of your value or the standard of the friendship. Sometimes, it’s simply part of life.

Focus on Positive Relationships

Instead of fixating on the loss of your friendship, concentrate on cultivating constructive relationships in your life. Surround yourself with people who appreciate and value you for who you are. By investing in these more healthy connections, you may create a strong support system that can allow you to via any challenging situation.


Losing a greatest good friend to a romantic relationship can be an incredibly painful experience. However, with understanding, open communication, and a concentrate on self-care, it’s possible to navigate through this difficult period. Remember, friendship dynamics can change, and it is essential to adapt and prioritize your own well-being.


Q: Why is my greatest friend treating me poorly after she started relationship someone?
A: There could probably be a quantity of causes for this habits. It’s attainable that she is caught up within the excitement of a model new relationship and is neglecting her other friendships. Alternatively, her new associate may be influencing her conduct and encouraging her to distance herself from you. It’s essential to have an open and honest conversation together with your pal to understand the basis reason for the change in her behavior.

Q: Should I confront my finest good friend about her mistreatment?
A: Yes, it could be very important handle the problem together with your friend. Open communication is the key to resolving any relationship issues. Approach the dialog calmly and specific your concern concerning the change in her conduct. Give her the opportunity to elucidate her actions and take heed to her perspective. A constructive dialog may help you both understand each other’s viewpoint and work in the course of improving the friendship.

Q: How can I address my good friend’s poor therapy with out damaging our relationship further?
A: It may be challenging to deal with mistreatment, nevertheless it’s essential to prioritize your psychological well-being. Focus on self-care and encompass yourself with different supportive friends or engage in activities that deliver you pleasure. If your friend’s habits continues to negatively influence your mental well being, it may be necessary to distance your self temporarily until the situation improves. If you resolve to take this step, communicate your emotions together with your good friend so she understands the reasons behind your actions.

Q: Should I reach out to mutual friends for support throughout this tough time?
A: Reaching out to mutual associates who’re aware of the situation can present valuable assist. Discuss your feelings and concerns with these you trust and ask for his or her recommendation. Sharing your experiences could also help in gaining totally different perspectives on the scenario, offering insight and understanding. However, it is important to method this with caution and keep away from creating further negativity or pointless drama.

Q: How can I salvage the friendship despite her poor treatment?
A: Salvaging the friendship requires open communication, understanding, and an sincere dedication from both events. After discussing your issues with your pal, attempt to find a center ground where you each have an equal understanding of each other’s wants and limits. Rebuilding trust and dealing towards a healthy relationship might require effort and time from both individuals. It can also be helpful to engage in social activities together and create new positive reminiscences to rekindle the bond.

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